VK sprint Hoogstraten Oost (1) (23/04/2023)
Category: Competition Sprint
Map/area: Hoogstraten Oost
Organiser: Trol
Country: Belgium
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 2.25 km
Time: 7:49
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 172
Shit start never really came into my flow after it. Bad end execution towards control 4 losing 5". Bad routechoice to 7 left was 10-15 sec faster probably but need to wait for the splits for a detailed analysis. Nice coursesetting though I was just very shit today. worst technical performance in a while, shit happens. ok, speed despite some achilles problems. Nice race from Wouter well-deserved win :D
for part 2 press [here]
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VK sprint Hoogstraten Oost (1) (23/04/2023) VK sprint Hoogstraten Oost (1) (23/04/2023)